Contabo Hosting Review


The company was not always known by this name, it was launched in 2003 under the name Giga-international. It might not be a much-known name in the US for hosting but in Europe, it is, especially in Germany. They have a very eye catching hosting products.



Uptime in other words reliability is the key factor which decides the stability of your site. Though Contabo doesn’t claim or guarantee any uptime record, with my personal experience I don’t think it’s a matter of concern. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that Contabo has some quality hosting server, a couple of data centres and really strong state drives.

The Plans

  • Webhosting

Since it’s a European company all the prices are given in Euros. There are three plans for web hosting with different prices and features. You may compare them on their site and select the one which fulfils your requirements.

  • Servers

If we talk about the servers, you get the option of customising them and capacity wise servers can be bought at different prices, again, mentioned in Euros.

  • VPS

VPS packages are something that could be considered as a plus point of Contabo. You get some very impressive specs at a very reasonable price. Majorly there are two options, either you for HDD + SSD Boost or 100% SSD, this totally depends on your requirements.

  • Colocation

Contabo facilitates you with the option of composing your own individual colocation solution from a range of choices available in Housing, Bandwidth and Power.

  • Domains

“N” number of domains are available to choose from, you can have the complete overview on their site.

Customer Support

They do have a 24×7 Tech support available at your will which actually does a decent job at addressing the grievances. Their support team operate from Germany and constantly monitor the hardware and network connections.

Apart from a very user-friendly customer support they have a very great policy of keeping their users first. Their way of presentation and working is user-friendly, which makes it simple for people with not that great skills in this sector.



In Europe, as far as I know, no company promises such products with such customer friendly service at this price. So, given that we may call it reasonable at every level.

Back Ups

Contabo has another great feature, they offer a backup bolt on which allows a user to save encrypted backups via FTP. In addition to this, there’s a provision of 100% backup as well.


Ending Note

In the end, what we can conclude is, Contabo is professional host which has established itself in Europe. With two data centres and all the servers they have, they are gonna stay in this market. Probably it’s the best solution to your web hosting problems in Europe. The only issue is that they don’t provide overnight support in reference to their time zone, which could prove to be annoying sometimes. And here’s the last advice, do go through their money back terms and conditions because some quirks are hidden there.


Here’s the site link, take out some time and check it out yourself-







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