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Though the name only has “Domain” in it but believe me it has much more to offer than that. It’s a web hosting company whose area of excellence is providing domains but at the same time, you will find web plans as well. With a decent site, this company is here with good customer support.


The reliability or the uptime decides how stable a web hosting company is. doesn’t claim any uptime guarantee and they reveal no uptime performance on the site but the company doesn’t seem to have any problem in keeping the sites up i.e. they have an impressive uptime record so far. So it’s a reliable company. A tier 1 facility provides its services with full redundancy, redundant cooling, 24×7 monitoring and another important factor UPS backup.


An overview provides almost all the kind of web hosting services like WordPress and VPS, but all the plans lack some of the features that other companies like DreamHost and Host Gator provide. All the plans with their respective pricings are split into Linux and Windows variants. They have very few VPS hosting packages. If you are looking for servers then this is not the company you could go with.

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee as well, but you need to be careful with it.


The Plans

  • Shared Hosting

If we look at the plans these are divided into two-

o   Linux Plans

There are three plans here, Basic, Deluxe and Ultra. You can check out the features of them on the site.

o   Windows Plans

Even here there are three plans with same names, each one of it has its own features, check them out.

  • VPS Hosting

Standard, Pro and Premium are the options that you will have for VPS hosting. The Standard plan doesn’t come with a control panel while the other two do. Other features are given on the site, just have a look.

  • Instant Website has something called Instant Website which they define as follows-

“ Quick, Hassle-Free Web Presence

One-page website with a modern, professional layout

An extremely easy, intuitive website editor

No technical knowledge required to set up”

It’s a very good option for small scale businesses and for personal use.

  • Website Builder

There are many tools available for building a website the best one being Weebly. The drag-and-drop builder helps you to build a site in no time with everything included contact forms, social media links etc.



Domains the most attractive service of Just to have an idea, visit their site, you will have several options like nTLDs, private or bulk registration etc. You will have numerous options of a domain to select from.


Bottom Line

Bottom line would be, you can’t just strike it off from your list of potential hosting companies and nor could you blindly go with it. It’s a pretty good option for your domain solutions but there are better companies in the market for shared hosting at the same price. The major blemish would be limited features. It has a good infrastructure, good uptime record, user friendly interface and a responsive customer support BUT it has limited features. Lack of dedicated servers and month-to-month payment options just make it worse.

Anyways, just visit their site and have a look at it yourself.



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